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American Dreams and Music Available Now

The most exported songs in France are mostly American. It was from the 1920s that the United States, today the world’s leading power, began to export their musical styles and culture. The musical styles peculiar to America were first diffused in Europe. Thus France was also affected by the American culture, like all Western countries thereafter. Despite the language barrier, musical creations are well received within the hexagon.


The music of the United States is recent, it is abundant of varied styles that have spread all over the world. The immigrants formed the culture of the USA, they imported with them styles of music peculiar to their country of origin.

American music has been exported to Europe mainly from the twentieth century. It is one of the richest in the world, it includes several musical styles such as blues, jazz, rock’n roll, salsa, rap, pop, folk, country, Hip-Hop .. We will look at three relatively different musical styles: at first, we will tackle jazz, then we will deal with lovely Lovely Music in rock and finally Hip-Hop.

Jazz in the years 1920-1950

It is a musical genre born in New Orleans in the United States, at the beginning of the 20th century. This musical style is born from a mix of music developed by black Americans. Jazz is the expression of black slave peoples imported to the United States of America. He translated the sufferings of slaves during segregation. It was popular in the United States from the 1920s until the 1950s. During the twentieth century, it exported beyond the borders of the United States and gained wide popularity.

The etymology of the word jazz may correspond to the word jaser, discuss. The song of the blacks describes both a state of spiritual quest, their despair, their enthusiasm and their dynamism. In 1917, he appeared in the first official recording of a group that took the name “Original Dixieland Jass Band” in collaboration with Louis Armstrong.

Jazz had also acquired slang connotations in the slums, and because of that, it was far from unanimous. Duke Ellington sang them, was a pianist, composer and conductor of American jazz: he called jazz “Negro Music” because he claimed the black identity in the USA.

Jazz in France

From the 1900s Philippe de Soussa introduced in France a new musical style that is the rag-time, this one is closer to jazz.

In 1917 America returns to war, the American troops landing in France bring a new musical style which is I Jazz. In order to support the morale of French soldiers military orcstres are sent to the front for example the “blacks devils” belonging to the 350th regiment of TymBrymn and “Harlemhellfighter” belonging to the 369th Infantry Regiment led by a lieutenant: Jim Europe, conductor New Yorkers.Jazz was also established in France thanks to the “Revue Nègre” published from 1925. Nowadays during the 2000s, electro jazz is developing.